When Beautiful Response first began we were still in college and had zero experience in nonprofit management.

Since then, we have grown alongside of Beautiful Response. Beautiful Response was started when friends and family responded to the story of Patrick, William, and Raising Up Hope in Uganda.  We returned to the United States with a plan to send a few of the oldest kids in Uganda to school.  After sharing their stories with friends and family, we had enough funding to send all of the kids to school. We were blown away by people's generosity and decided to go through the process of becoming a 501c3. Beautiful Response has grown every year, and so have the kids that we support. 

Caleb is currently a pastor at Grace Chicago Church, on the north side of Chicago.  He graduated from Hope College in 2011 and received his Masters of Divinity from Western Theological Seminary in 2016. He grew up in the Midwest and also spent a year of his childhood living in Haiti. He loves to tell stories, and you can read some of those stories on the Beautiful Response blog. 

Sonja is currently a business school student at Booth School of Business. Before pursuing her MBA, Sonja was a project manager at a philanthropic consulting firm in Washington, DC.  She attended Baylor University where she received a degree in International Studies in May of 2011.  Sonja grew up in California, Colorado, and Japan.   Her gift for planning and organizing and her heart for others have driven much of Beautiful Response’s growth.