Letters from Uganda

Two days ago all of the kids got to write letters to their sponsors. We told each child their sponsors name and they got right to telling their sponsors about themselves and drawing pictures. They said things like, “thank you for loving me”, “thank you for paying my school fees”, “I am praying for you”, “I want to be a journalist when I grow up”, “I will try my best in school for you.”

Our heart for Beautiful Response is that even around the world the Body of Christ would be able to care for each other. So it was so special to hear the kids running around, telling each other the name of their sponsors and asking us, what each of you are like, how we know you, and what types of jobs you have.  The best part was later that day when we gave out the pictures and letters we had been given by you their sponsors to bring to them. Oh they were so happy!

When I am in America the kids here and sending them to school feels so far away. In my world of abundance I lose sight of the tremendous need here and I forget how important, maybe even life changing, it is to provide the money for the kids to go to school. When I see each kid here and I think about which one of you is their sponsor it becomes so much more real. You, a friend of family member of Caleb or I, are making a direct investment in a child here whose name and face and story we know, who has sat on our laps or has held our hand.

I recall the disconnect we often feel when we think of the needs of the world’s poor. I am familiar with the overwhelming feeling that what I am doing isn’t enough. If only we could bring each of these kids to America to meet you, or for each of you to come here. Maybe that will happen for some. But for the rest, know that the little boy or girl whose name and story you know in Bulenga, Uganda also knows your name and (possibly) your face and story too. And that to me is so beautiful.