"You are Ugandan"

It’s Monday morning and the kids are enjoying their last week of holiday before they go back to school.  The past few days we’ve had the joy of handing out all of the things we brought for them.  All of the kids received a couple clothing items and they were excited to receive the books and other toys that were sent.  Thanks to all of you who made that possible. 

It has been raining a lot which has limited our ability to move around.  This week we are planning on meeting with the schools that the kids attend.  Pray that we can build a positive relationship with the school principals and teachers.  We are also planning on meeting a few people to talk about oversight and to get Raising Up Hope on some other organization’s radar.  

One of the joys of this trip has been how familiar the kids are with us.  Over and over again we have heard, “thank you for keeping your word” or, “thank you for returning to us.”  The kids no longer call us white people, now they call us by our names.  They tell us you are not visitors, You are Ugandan.