My Stewardship Will Be Uganda

No one has insisted on being aware of happenings at the orphanage like Stan. No one has peppered us with more How are things going and Is there anything I can do.  We talk on the phone every week, and he often tells me a story about a professor or a girl or a someone whom he has told about Beautiful Response.  

I asked Stan to put his passion and concern into words.  This is what he said:


Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for dust we are... and to the dust we shall return 
- a paraphrase of Genesis 3:17-19


I am a law student. As I’ve experienced, law school appeals to all known stereotypes - aggressive lectures, competitive classmates, and an endless amount of studying and research.  My schedule is cyclical: prepare for class, go to class, study, work, prepare for class, go to class etc. Various meetings and appointments fill any additional free time.  I often miss meals, family phone calls, and messages from friends.  I don’t regret it.  Actually, I enjoy it.  I do all the things I want to do. But, therein rests a problem.  The desire and temptation to appease self-fish habits and focus solely upon myself, my career, or my plans. 

For me, life has become all about the resume; a current record of my accomplishments and achievements; formatted clearly and precisely to show that I am worth hiring, that I stand out in a crowd, and that investing in me should be given due consideration.

But before I fall asleep each night my mind drifts to simple thoughts; It drifts to thoughts beyond the commitments of my day.  It hums silently on my pillowcase.  I think.

I have a friend who does good things; who has faith in something bigger; with whom I discuss the many works of our loving God each week and smile.  His wife is no less ambitious. Together they serve.

They are one of many.  Many who, in secret and without notoriety, see God’s will become reality.  These people, these sponsors, they choose to prioritize.  They choose to have faith. They choose to sacrifice because He has already sacrificed.  The race has been won.

Each sponsor has the same commitments as I, if not more.  They are tested by the same societal pressures as I. They teach me faith is powerful.  Faith is sustaining. 

The stewardship is in Uganda.  The stewardship is a group of children at an orphanage.  Their stewardship, by God’s grace, sees them fed and educated.  And God is faithful.

God is faithful. He is faithful to those who walk in the light, who hear the call, and who live to serve.

I know I am still being equipped.  I know I must stay persistent in my studies.  But I also know I will help.  I will see myself involved.  I will see myself vulnerable.   I will see this work through. 

Because some work is not meant for resumes.  Some deeds are not meant to be discussed.  Sometimes we must simply have faith and do.  God has seen me fed, can I not serve my neighbor? Am I too busy to help?  Am I blind to His call? Does His work not interest me? You?

I cannot silence His voice.  I cannot ignore His purpose.  I cannot standby.

I will see myself involved. I will see myself vulnerable. My stewardship will be Uganda.  My stewardship will be those children.  By God’s grace, I will see them fed and educated.

And God will be faithful.