Heaven is like a Party

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a banquet.  Matthew 22.

There was a party last night.  It was a good party.  

Wine glasses covered an entire table and people didn’t leave until all of the bottles were uncorked.

There was a grill of coals searing the finest meats and vegetables.  

And the art!  The bass player maneuvering up and down the frets, the saxophone, the guitar, the drums, and the singer-people staring mouths open.
Gifts of honed crafts and an artist in the corner putting colors onto a canvas-majesty.

A son tells his dad with words and pauses, that he does, he really does, want to be just like him.
A daughter is the crown on her mother’s head.

And a man dances who has never danced before.

These are the parties worth having.  These are the banquets that remind us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a banquet.  That the Kingdom of Heaven is near.  

In two weeks we will take our party to Uganda.
And we will be invited to join their party.

And together.  Together we will all eat.  
And the dancing will begin.  The drums will roll out rhythms and beats and we will shuffle our feet and try to keep pace.

Letters will be exchanged.  They will tell us that we are their parents, and we will sit at their feet and glean as much about the kingdom as we can.  

Because the Kingdom of Heaven is near, and its like a banquet, and we are invited-and by God I won’t be the one to “pay no attention and leave”.

On our trip back we would really like to buy new mattresses and bunk beds for the kids at the orphanage.  They need them very badly.  

The orphanage needs 40 matresses, 5 bunk beds, and 30 shoes. Total Cost: $2,500.
Please email beautifulresponse@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out.