A Short Addendum Worth Hearing

          I sat down to write the last blog.  I wrote about the Davidson's birthday party.  I wrote about how great it was.  I told you that we needed two-thousand five-hundred dollars. At the Davidson's party there were no gifts given.  Instead, guests wrote cards and gave checks and cash to Beautiful Response. Twenty dollars here, a hundred there. 

          I sat down to write the last blog on the Saturday after the party and I asked you for two-thousand five-hundred dollars.

          Across the table, David, Sonja's brother, sat down with a stack of cards and checks and a calculator.  We both sat down. 

          I finished the blog, clicked publish, and the blog was sent out.  I stood up.  David took the checks in two hands and set them on the table to straighten them out. 

David-"You guys got twenty-five hundred dollars."
Me-"Wait, you mean two-thousand five-hundred dollars?"
Me-"Exactly that much?"
David-"I'm going to count it again."

David-"Two-thousand five-hundred dollars.  Exactly"

          I was sending out a prayer.  Three chairs away from me, that prayer was being answered.  Exactly.