We are back.

Simon told me that Uganda is land locked and has a lot of economic issues because of the import fees.  He says that Mombasa is a good port city that helps the Kenyan economy a lot. 

Herman (who is beating AIDS) wanted to make sure that we would be here when his exam scores were final, so that we could see them.  So that we could smile and be proud of him.  I told Herman that his sponsor lives in D.C.  O, the Capital City,  He said. I told Herman that his sponsor plays frisbee near the presidents house.  Later I heard him bragging to the other kids that his sponsor knew Obama. 

We are back.  We are back here in Uganda and things have changed.  Simon can talk to me about Politics, and Herman cannot wait for us to see his exam scores.  Things have changed. 

There is a fresh coat of paint on all of the walls, and other volunteers have organized the dishes and the schedule.  There are mosquito nets for most of the beds and the kids are eating more than corn flour. 

We have not seen the oldest kids yet because they are at boarding school finishing up their school term.  The 4th and 5th graders were gone yesterday because they had a field trip to attend.  Yes, things have changed and it is beautiful.  Things have changed and so have the kids.  Their English is better.  Their minds are sharper.  Their bodies are stronger.

And of course some things have not changed.  There is still need.  There is still not enough room to live and play in.  Too many of the kids get sick.  There are still far too many kids that we cannot hold, that we cannot send to school. 

But the music hasn't changed either.  The drums still come out at night.  The choruses repeat and the kids pray.  The kids still care for each other and they still fall asleep in our arms to the sound of the drums. 

I am already afraid to leave.  I am already nervous about saying goodbye.  Because something significant has changed.  We have come back to visit the orphanage before.  We have said goodbye to the orphanage before.  But this time we have come back to family, and we will have to say goodbye to family. 

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Continue to pray for clear lines of communication and transparency.  Pray for vision for the organization and for doors to open up.  We are so encouraged by everyone here at the orphanage and we are excited to bring that encouragement back with us.  Hopefully we will update you again soon!