Global Citizen-By Carlos

(This blog was written by Carlos (15), one of the young men who lives at Raising Up Hope.  It was not edited in any way.) 

I am living in a nation with over 2 million orphans and street children.  Uganda is known as ‘Ground Zero’ for the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.  There is only 1 doctor for every 80,000 to 100,000 people with little to no medical supplies.  Yet, I have been blessed with an education so far by my guardians and sponsors who love to see change.  Thus, I am also eager to learn more and see my world improving each day.

I am growing in a society where kids like me do not have the opportunity to go to school, no hope of being successful people. I believe that if I had an international education, I would be able to gain the knowledge required to solve greater problems for the people of Uganda.
One of the reasons I want a better education in an international school is because traditional schools here in Uganda do not offer such better education due to low levels of academic standards and it’s because I want to affect other people’s lives and the world at large.  I want to finish high school well, and go to university, so that I may be involved in the world’s economic activities. I want to be part of changing that for all of Uganda.  I love technology, and I love studying software engineering and I look forward to using everything I learn to help more children like me live in a better place.

Africa is my home and I love it, but I also have great hopes for it being a better home.  Here in my community, insufficient healthcare and constant hunger are just some of the root causes of our oppression. In my developing world, people die of preventable diseases every day; we suffer extreme poverty and we have no access to quality education or employment. Now, all of us go to school at the RUHU orphanage. I know Education is the answer. I want to witness more of this growth in Uganda towards the first world. A chance to study at an international institution offers me that education that can help me change my community, because I believe the opportunity for a great education will allow me to change my own community even more. I want to see my continent become a better place to live both economically and socially.

I believe a true Global Citizen uses their education and advancement of new technology for the good of mankind.  Although I appreciate the concepts and discussion of ‘equality’, I know too well the effects of Inequality and Injustice as I witness the daily deaths of Malaria and all the curable diseases.  I see poverty and starvation within a fertile land where anything is able to grow and sustain its’ people.   Yet, the lack of education is our barrier.  The corruption in our hospitals limits progress and life expectancy.  What would the value of the title, ‘Global Citizen’ be if I did not use it to change these facts?

I don’t want to live a life of complaining about Africa!  I want to live a life of change and inspiration to the millions of orphans and abandoned children who come behind me.  I value the title ‘Global Citizen’.  I hope to proudly accept this title as I work hard and focus on the future in order to achieve my goals of becoming an entrepreneur.  I am confident the next fifteen years will bring big change in our world.

Thank you for taking part.