Pretty Incredible

It would be pretty incredible if Carlos got to study in Turkey.

It would be incredible wouldn't it?

In the excel sheet where William breaks down the school expenses there is a column for school trips.  This particular excel sheet was breaking down the Secondary School fees for the 8 kids that are in the middle of their first year of high school.

The column was in Ugandan Shillings:
School Trips
80,000 (roughly $32)

Shillings often have a lot of zeros, but we thought William had made a typo with-5,000,000. Maybe the zero key had stuck.

It hadn't.

Carlos' school takes a study trip this summer to Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey.

To study.


Carlos traveling around the world to study. Who could have seen that coming?

Five million Ugandan Shillings is $2,000.  And $2,000 is a lot of money. So when I got done laughing at the preposterousness of Carlos getting the opportunity to study in Turkey I started to think about where that money might come from.  His sponsors? Us?

For a couple of weeks now, Sonja and I have talked about it and we have no answers and no money. I am afraid that our lack of ideas will mean that Carlos will stay back at school while his friends go to Turkey.  And that is fine.  He doesn't have to go.  He is still in a great school.  He's still doing well.

But, wouldn't it be incredible?

Wouldn't it be incredible if Carlos go to study in Turkey?

I got an email from a sponsor recently who has pictures of the child she sponsors stuck to her refrigerator. Her niece was visiting, and she saw the pictures of another little girl stuck on her aunt's fridge.

She decided that she wanted to help this little girl on the fridge.

When she got back home, she started having lemonade stands so that she could send some money to her. She sets up shop on the corner, mixes the lemonade, and sells it to passers-by so she can help out her friend on her aunt's fridge. This summer, her lemonade stand proceeds are going to a little girl in Uganda.

That's how this works.
We do what we can.
Because if we sell enough lemonade, some pretty cool things can happen.

And Carlos, he gets to study in Turkey this summer.

 I just got a text saying someone sold enough lemonade.

Carlos will be studying in Turkey this summer.  That's pretty incredible.