Surrounded by Easter

I leave for Uganda on the night of Easter. 
I wonder where Jesus was on the night of Easter. We don't know, really.

We only know where He is not.  He is not in the tomb where he had been-where he was supposed to be.

On Easter night I will be on a plane going to Uganda. 

When I am in Uganda at the orphanage I am surrounded by Easter.

But you can only be surrounded by Easter if you are surrounded by Good Friday.

A baby was abandoned in the slums. She was found with burns.
A young boy was beaten, nearly to death, for not having a place to call home.
Kids were denied their right to eat, to sleep soundly, and to go to school when their parents died or left them.

In Uganda, I am reminded of the need for Good Friday.

But that baby was found, and her wounds are healing, and she will be strong.
The young boy's life was kept and we will work to find him a place to call home.
And the kids that were denied their right to eat, sleep, and learn are growing stronger and smarter year after year.

Death and life are much nearer to me in Uganda.
In Uganda, I am surrounded by Easter.

Say a prayer for us?
That we won't run away when it feels like Good Friday.
That we will see Easter happening all around us.