Current Needs

We keep waiting for the shoe to drop, or things to fizzle, or something. I just returned from my 7th trip to Uganda. The trip is old hat in many ways. It feels like visiting old friends. I love it. I pretty much know what to expect on my trips, but there is always a bit of nervousness, a little bit of fear about what I will find. I fear that a stubborn and often corrupt government will have closed RUHU down, or that the generous and selfless Ugandan volunteers who help care for the kids will have abandoned RUHU. But, nope. More kids, getting better care, at higher levels.

On this trip I met a 70 year old woman who leaves her house at 5:00AM every morning to volunteer teach at the orphanage. I visited kids at schools who used to be the bane of their teachers who are now prefects and class representatives. It's incredible, and it is my greatest honor to play a part in it.

But there are tremendous needs right now, and I wanted to communicate those to you. So below is a list of financial needs that RUHU has that we currently aren't able to cover. If you have any questions at all, please let me know. Some of the needs are great for a church or youth group to help cover. Most often, a monthly commitment is preferable. But we honestly appreciate and depend on people stepping up to give whatever they can.

  • New Bedding, $2,000: We are in need of several new bunk beds, mattresses, and sheets. Many of the kids are currently sleeping on a few feet of dirty foam, or sharing mattresses, which leads to bed bugs and illness. 
  • 40 New Sponsors: We have had a lot of turnover in sponsorship, and many of the children currently do not have sponsors. Sponsorship is $40/month. If you're interested in sponsoring a child, you can send us an email and we will pair you with one of the children who needs the support. 
  • Medical Expenses, $500: We've had a few out of the ordinary expenses this month. A handful of kids got malaria, and another child had a head injury that require a brief hospitalization. 
  • General Support: As the organization grows in Uganda, expenses rise. The kid's tuition increases mean that we need financial support that stands in the gap and helps us continue to send them to school.

If you could afford to make a monthly commitment to the kids in Uganda, we would be so thankful, and they would be even more so. Good things are happening, friends. Thanks to everyone who has been making it happen. If you're interested in helping out, you can head to our


or send me an email at: