Alan Sekandi

It is with tremendous grief that I write this blog. Alan Sekandi, a 6th grader at Raising Up Hope for Uganda, passed away Sunday morning in Uganda. Alan was an incredibly bright and joyful young man with a tremendous future ahead of him. He was beloved among his brothers and sisters at RUHU. Alan was one of the oldest boys living at the Boy's Home full-time, and had become a leader for the younger boys. He often helped to lead worship in the home.

Alan was found lying on the floor of the boy's home Sunday (11/28) morning. One of the older children who found him rushed to church to tell Mama Faith, who hurried to Alan's side. It appears that while washing the floor, Alan made contact with an outlet that was insecure and was electrocuted. By the time Mama Faith reached him, he had already died. 

The kids and staff of RUHU are in absolute disbelief. While Patrick and William, the leaders of RUHU, have unfortunately experienced deaths among the children they work with in Kampala, no child in RUHU's direct care program has ever died. The kids are scared, confused, and saddened by the loss of their friend and brother, Alan. For the staff, they have lost a son.

We continue to grieve and lament the loss of Alan's life. His unjust death leaves us frustrated, angry, and heart broken. Right now, our focus is on assessing the needs of the staff and children of Uganda as they grieve and process this loss. Pray for them. The following is a letter written by Patrick, which was read at Alan's funeral:

This reading is on behalf of Daddy and Uncle Patrick, who is currently visiting the United States of America.

I heard the terrible news about the sudden death of our child and brother, Allan Sekandi.  This has upset me tremendously and the loss is unbelievable what has happened to me and the organization at large.  First I would like to thank the community leaders, police and other community members who assisted in the initial process of helping the House Mamas and children prior to William’s arrival.  We were all in shock, and still are, over the tragic accident that happened Sunday morning.

It is my pleasure to have known you, Allan.  You came to me as a stranger.  For the past 10 years you have become a good friend of mine and part of my family.  I just remember all of the good times that we had.  You always had compassion and you always wanted peace.  I remember, Allan, you always could not look onto someone who has annoyed you.  You gave respect and walked away.  That was a good example that everyone could look at.  I will always remember you that way and always remember your smile.  We love you and we will always cherish the time we had together.  I remember the phone call I had with you while in the United States and you asked me to bring back pants, shirt and shoes for Christmas, which I was planning to get for you.  Right now I’m sitting here on a computer reading a letter from your sponsor, Alyssa, saying how she is so proud of you and your hard work.  She sends her condolences and her deepest sympathy to all of RUHU during this time of mourning.

I will always remember you working hard at school and how much you could tell me that you were looking forward to being in P7.  With the conversations that I’ve had with you, you always talked to me about how you would like to be through school and help others.  You wanted to work on computers or be a lawyer.  This was your plans but God had other plans for you.  You were a child of God’s on earth and now you have been united with your Heavenly Father. 

Romans 14:7-9 For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself; for if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord; therefore whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.  For to this end Christ died and lived again, that He might be Lord both of the dead and of the living.

I believe and I know that your friends at school and brothers and sisters at RUHU will miss you a lot.  Those we love don’t go away.  They walk beside us every day unseen and unheard but always near still loved, still missed every day.

Rest in peace my friend and child…….love Daddy Patrick