Marjorie Mukisa

Marjorie Mukisa | 2nd Grade | Started at RUHU January, 2016

Teacher Marjorie first stumbled upon Raising Up Hope in Uganda’s Primary School as a student at the Young Women’s Christian Association. The teaching certificate she was pursuing required an internship at a school, and Marjorie chose to intern with RUHU. After she finished her certificate in teaching, she chose to continue teaching at RUHU as a volunteer. Teacher Marjorie was moved by the plight of the children who attend RUHU’s primary school. She noted that her own past makes her especially perceptive to the needs of the children. 

Marjorie is a teacher through and through. Her love of being in the classroom is very apparent. Ugandan friends and sponsors were integral to her schooling, and so she is glad to be able to give back. “God made my education possible” Marjorie told me. “I know that God wants the same thing for these children.”

Teacher Marjorie is a new teacher at 20 years old. She certainly has other teaching options which she could pursue, but she has chosen to diligently work for the education of the vulnerable kids that attend RUHU’s school. If you’d be willing to support Marjorie’s post at RUHU, please follow the link and sign up to give $50/month. This money will pay for Marjorie’s salary and ensure that teaching at RHUH is an affirming and encouraging post for her.

Teacher Marjorie's second grade class

Teacher Marjorie's second grade class