Never Short on Hope.

We were short on money in September. We’re going to be short in January. A few checks didn’t come in that we had planned on, so we’ve had to pull the budget’s belt a few notches tighter. We hate it. We hate replying to William’s emails with, “we just don’t think it’s wise to do X when we already can’t afford Y.” Because X is always improving children’s lives in some way, but so is Y.


On Giving Tuesday, we raised over $6,000. Or rather, you raised over $6,000. It was amazing. At our chili supper in Wisconsin a few weeks ago, we raised over $15,000. It was Incredible. We will need over $40,000 in January to send all of the kids back to school (and to support staff, fund the day school, pay the water/electric/medical bills etc.), which is overwhelming, but it already feels like God is working on it.

Last week, Patrick called me. We talked for a good while. He knows that fundraising has been hard this fall and that we’re short on funds. But he is also the most hopeful person I know, and he already has plans for what will come next. He and William want to double the capacity of the day school, from 200 students to 400. He wants to throw a Christmas party for 800. He asked me how much money we need for our current commitments. He understands that we have to meet those commitments before we can move on to bigger and better things. The number I gave him was deflating. But God would provide, Patrick said. We serve a big God, he told me.

I’ve seen hope persevere in Patrick too many times to doubt it, now. There are a thousand reasons why a new school should have failed; a thousand reasons why the Village of Hope was too far-fetched; a thousand reasons why orphaned and abandoned kids should fail. All of those reasons only make it more amazing when a child finally receives a high school diploma; when a teacher promotes a classroom of 1st graders to 2nd.

There are a thousand reasons that I am nervous about 2018. And some of those reasons are legitimate. But I’m trusting that those reasons will make it all the sweeter when God shows up and Patrick says triumphantly, “We serve a big God!”