Teacher Jackie

Teacher Jackie Nanyonjo | Head Teacher and Kindergarten Teacher | Started, January 201

Jackie is a foot shorter than me, but don’t let that fool you. 

She attended Barclay Secondary School and then received a diploma in education from Young Women’s Christian Association. She has been teaching for over 15 years. Most recently she taught at a nursery school in a part of town called Kibuye. It was the 2nd most prestigious school in Uganda. Jackie laughs as she tells me how much money she was making. “It was a lot of money,” she says. 

One day at a church service, she heard Patrick talking about his organization and their need for volunteer teachers. Jackie grew up as an orphan, raised by her aunt. She felt God speaking to her and she was convinced that it was God’s will for her to quit her previous job and commit herself to RUHU. She talks passionately about the role that RUHU plays in the community: “the kids are raised by one parent, or they are orphaned. Many are HIV+ or they have AIDS. The community and the chairman are so grateful that RUHU has opened up such a school for them.”

Teacher Jackie runs RUHU’s school. The other teachers ask her opinion on their lessons and their approach to teaching. The children sit upright and listen when Teacher Jackie speaks. She has high standards for her teachers and her students. With a monthly budget in the teens, Teacher Jackie has created an environment where kids, who otherwise would receive no education, can receive top-class instruction from teachers who love them. 

“Ever since I left my old post, I have never regretted coming to RUHU. My heart is released. The staff is so appreciative and the kids show so much love. I feel so happy.” Teacher Jackie is the sort of person you get behind. She is a rare example of determination, perseverance, hard work, and faithfulness. If you’d like to support Teacher Jackie, you can follow this link. Choosing to support a classroom or any of the teachers means the world to her. 

Jackie with her kindergarteners

Jackie with her kindergarteners