Notes from Lori

Lori Davidson (Sonja's mom) is on her 3rd trip to Uganda. She'll be sharing some thoughts and reflections during her time that you can find here:


As I said goodbye and started the very long journey home (43 hours door to door), I was told again and again by the children to please tell their sponsors that they loved them and they pray for them always.  Why do I make this trip?  This is why; to tell the story to them from you, and from you to them. It is amazing that we can partner with people in Uganda and be a part of their story. That they can love us and care for us even though many will never meet face to face.  So on behalf of so many beautiful children and adults, THANK YOU.  Thank you for caring about issues of poverty, and education.  Thank you for wanting to be a part of the solution.  It matters.  It matters to everyone I hugged, walked with, sang with and sent off to school.  Because of you, they have tangible evidence that their life matters, that they are loved and that they are not alone.  Enjoy some pictures now that I am home and have computers, internet and uploads all at my fingertips; and thank you for joining me on this journey.  


These are the words of Teacher Jackie as we rode away from the shop where we negotiated and purchased food for the students of the day school. These nearly 200 hundred children are not orphaned but are still so desperately poor that they cannot afford school fees and show up for the free day school run by the orphanage having not eaten. So the day school prepares a simple lunch. Corn maze and red beans. Sometime they don't have money and the shopkeeper mentioned above will give them food and wait to be paid. And teacher Jackie, this well educated Ugandan Christian woman who left her paying teaching job to volunteer teach is praising him as a trustworthy man. We have paid him ahead this time and he will deliver the maze and beans tomorrow. We climb back on the motor bike in the rain and head back to the orphanage. God is so faithful.


9/18/2016 | I FORGET

"When I am home my life is busy with work, cares, distractions; and I forget.
Then I come to Uganda to the orphanage. To the children. And I remember. Jesus said love as you have been loved. Care for those who are poor, helpless, forgotten. Today one of the girls trusted me with her story. At 12 her mom died. Already desperately poor she ended up in the slums; starving, only the clothes she wore and no shelter. Patrick found her. He invited her to come to RUHU. This is the where I meet her. Now she has food, shelter, clothes and is attending school. I forget that school is not free here and that there is no welfare provision. This orphanage was barely able to feed the children until Sonja and Caleb responded beautifully and came home and told their story and invited us to remember the sufferings of others. It is good to remember."


"I have been back in Uganda for 3 days. We just got internet last night. The children are on a break from school so all the children are gathering together at the Village of Hope. It is beautiful to see them work together. Teachers and house mothers working together to prepare food for over a 100 children over a fire in a make shift outside kitchen. Teenage boys holding babies and keeping them happy and entertained. The older students are helping the newly off the streets children understand that they don't have to fight to survive anymore. The message that God loves them, that Jesus has died for their sins and the evil of the world is being told both with and without words. And we are here to remind them that others love them. People that have never met them are sendingmoney so they can eat and go to school. That we want them to know that their lives matter to God and to us. That their faith and courage to overcome actually inspires and builds our faith back in America. Yes. We are better together."


9/12/2016 | THIRD TRIP

"Thank you for traveling with me to Uganda via this blog.  This is my third trip to Raising Up Hope in Uganda to visit the beautiful children who no longer live on the street without food or an education.  I am so excited to see the change since my last trip 3 years ago. God is so faithful.  Check back in a few days and I will have arrived and have news to share.  Thank you for your prayers.  Love and miss you all already."