In the fall of 2014, 40 kids in Haiti got a second shot at an education.

Ticarme Ducasse is a Haitian woman committed to sending children in her community to school.  Ticarme works with families who are unable to afford school tuition.  By providing scholarships, parents are able to send their kids back to school.  Receiving an education does not solve all of their problems, but it gives them to tools that make a better life possible. Ticarme and her team are making education a priority in Haiti and partners in the U.S. are making sure she has the resources she needs to do this good work.

In 2019 we sent 164 kids to school through scholarships given by individuals. If you would like to give towards our 2019/20 scholarships, please go to this link and click Haiti in the dropdown menu. 

Check out the video to hear more about how the work of Ticarme and her team are changing the lives of kids in Haiti. 


In 2017 we added Pastor Antoine Charles to our Haiti Partners. Mission: Love Haiti includes a church, school, clinic, orphanage and guest house. We have committed to providing $25,000 a year to help pay the teacher’s salaries at Emmah, a school for nearly 500 students from pre-school through high school.