Caleb Schut | Executive Director

Caleb co-founded Beautiful Response with Sonja in 2011. He graduated from Hope College in 2011 with a degree in religious studies and finished his Masters of Divinity in 2016. He currently serves as the Assistant Pastor at Grace Chicago Church. He spent time living in Haiti as a child and loved the 6 months of life spent in Uganda during college. You can reach Caleb at


William Bukenya | Director of Operations, Raising Up Hope

William Bukenya has been with RUHU since the very beginning. He helped Patrick care for the first children and has been called daddy ever since. He received a degree from Makerere University in Accounting in 2015. He works diligently to ensure that RUHU is financial responsible and efficient. He is married and has two beautiful daughters. In his limited free time, he enjoys playing and watching soccer. 


Laura Hoekstra | Program Director

Laura joined the board of Beautiful Response in 2010 and has assisted with fundraising for the last 6 years. She has sponsored kids in Uganda and had the chance to visit them in 2015. Laura is stepping off of the board in order to help with the logistics of running Beautiful Response. She will be coordinating sponsorships and assisting with communications and fundraising. You can reach Laura by emailing:


Patrick Ssenyonjo | Executive Director, Raising Up Hope

Patrick began Raising Up Hope in Uganda when he was 16. While living on the streets of Kampala, he dreamed of providing a safe home for the children he saw all around him. That vision has grown into an organization that provides a home for over 80 children, educates over 200, and is impacting multiples communities in Uganda. You can connect with Raising Up Hope through Facebook. 

Pascal and Holly.jpg

Holly Schut | Program Director, Haiti

Holly Schut serves as our program director for Haiti. Holly served as a missionary in Haiti in 2001, and has been in a variety of ministries since. She holds a masters degree in Christian Education and she received her doctorate of ministry in 2008. She makes regular trips to Haiti with her husband, Al, and anyone who is interested in developing relationships with the great people of Haiti! You can reach her at


Ticarmel Ducasse | Director, Help the Youth

Ticarmel (pronounced ti-kom) is the director of Help The Youth, our partner organization in Haiti. Ticarmel and her team work with families that are unable to continue sending their children to school due to financial or logistical restrictions. Ticarmel has been a pillar in her community for decades and launched Help The Youth with the vision of keeping kids in school. By partnering with Beautiful Response, Ticarmel has been able to provide over 300 scholarships.