Beautiful Response was founded to raise support and collaborate funding for Raising Up Hope in Uganda.

Raising Up Hope for Uganda came into existence in 2007 when Patrick Ssenyonjo, who had once lived on the streets himself, decided to open his doors to other children living on the streets of Kampala's slums. Patrick's generosity led to 42 kids living in a single family unit outside of Kampala. Beautiful Response was started in response to the work of Patrick and Raising Up Hope. Beautiful Response has partnered with RUHU to pay for all of the children to attend school as well as provide monthly support for food and operational expenses at the orphanage. In addition, we provide technical and strategic support to the staff at RUHU. We have committed to visit twice a year and work closely with Patrick and his friend and partner William in the strategic planning for the organization.

Because of faithful and generous sponsors, all the children at RUHU have been attending school since August 2010. For some, this was the first time they had ever been in school.  For others, school was a memory from a better time. They are studying hard, and are proud to be in school. We believe that through education these children will have the opportunity to create a future for themselves far different than their past.

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If you are already a partner of RUHU and would like to know about partnering through Beautiful Response, please contact us. We'd love to chat!